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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Your Choice Magazine Subscription Giveaway!

It's a rainy, cold day here. I wish I could just curl up in my comfy chair and read all day long. I could have a nice warm cup of cocoa, my blanket and keep some soft tunes on the stereo. BUT no. I have doctors appointments for the younger kids today. Which reminds me, I need to go shower. Yay me.

But one of you will get your choice of one of the following magazines with a 1-year subscription!
So which will you choose if you win?

Bon Appetit
Conde' Nast Portfolio
Conde' Nast Traveler
Golf Digest
Modern Bride
Teen Vogue
Vanity Fair

Just leave me a comment with whichever you think you would want. That's it.

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Spread the Love,


Anonymous said...

I am first?! I would love Vanity Fair. For some reason I have never subscribed to it, but I buy it often.

Elisabet said...

Still first. Wanted to tell you I am a follower.

Kelsey said...

Neat giveaway! I thought Domino wasn't going to be published anymore but I may be wrong. Good choices though! Thank you!

erinsolano said...

I would choose Glamour. I have subscribed in the past, and they always have interesting content.

Lena said...

I love all things cooking so I would choose Gourmet or Bon Appetit.

Thanks for the giveaway!

emily said...

and i have your button on my blog

lmerie said...

ooooh, gourmet or bon appetit would be the two I would narrow it down too. Probably bon appetit.

pamipoo said...

Glamour-I have stopped buying magazines so it would be fun to win a subscription.

musingegret said...

hmmmm, even though I devour food blogs I would still love to receive Bon Appetit! I leave comments on my favorite blogs with your site name; do shop owners just contact you to request to be featured?

Shirley said...

I love magazines...I subscribe to way too many, but what is one more!

Manic Mother said...

I am addicted to magazines,I would love to get Bon Appetit or maybe Gourmet.

Jeff and Mandee said...

I would sooo love to win a subscription to Bon Appetit! Thank you for the chance!


Mimi Elise said...

awesome!! prolly Teen Vouge, Glamour or something like that :P thanks!!

annemarie said...

I'd pick Glamour - my daughter would love it and I could use a little glamour also!

Kristine said...

I follow your blog! :) Thanks for the chance!

Kristine said...

I have your button on my blog!!

You can check it out


Anonymous said...

That is a hard choice but I would probably choose Bon Appetit or the other cooking magazine. Then again, Self would be fun since this is the year I am getting mySELF back in shape!

mnheather said...

I am now following on Twitter, and posted about today's giveaway!
I would chose Bon Appetit!

Kristine said...

I blogged about it!!!

Oh, I would LOVE to win this one!!

windycindy said...

I would love to have a subscription to Lucky Magazine! Thanks for the chance! Cindi

Stacie said...

i am a follower, too! and you are even linked on my blog... :)

~*Michelle*~ said...

I have a few......tough choice! I'd have to make up my mind if I win!

Sarah said...

Since I'm doing research for my future event management business, I'd love a subscription to Brides.

Jodi said...

I think I would choose Allure. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

C said...

I'd go with Brides. Call it hopeful or call it doing my friends a favor (after all, I can pass it on to my friends I'm a bridesmaid for), but hey, why not?

Kenna said...

I would choose Lucky. Thanks for hosting!!

Kenna said...

I tweeted at Thanks again!

redkathy said...

Hi Liz, Bon Appetit would be my pick! Good luck with the giveaway....I'll be tweeting win or loose :)

Robin in New Jersey said...

I would love the Bon Appetit. I get it from the library and wish I had it to use the recipes.

Anonymous said...

I would love Bon Appetit!

krista1127 at hotmail dot com


icefairy said...

I'd choose Allure. Thanks for the giveaway!
beatspammer at gmail dot com

icefairy said...

I have your button on my blog.
beatspammer at gmail dot com

icefairy said...

Follow you on Twitter (luckytoddler)
beatspammer at gmail dot com

icefairy said...

beatspammer at gmail dot com

Kebi Cedawna said...

I would choose Self if I were the lucky winner.
Thanks for hosting :)

Coordination Queen said...

I would have to say Bon Apetit... the cover of that one looks amazing. I just ate dinner and it makes me hungry. :)

Doris said...

My magazine choice would be "Cookie".


dorisandpete at hotmail dot com

Lydia said...

That's hard! Maybe Lucky?


Anonymous said...

Teen Vogue rocks! Wired & Glamour as well.
ashlomb at yahoo dot com

Petra said...

I would enjoy Cookie magazine. I've never heard of it but checked out the web site and yes, that's the one I choose :)

Great blog!


auntrene said...

I would love Cookie.Thanks for the giveaway. Love your site. My very first giveaway was with your site. Acorn necklace. Thanks

Amy Fichtner said...

I wuld LOVE a subscription to Allure!!! hanks so much for htis give away!!!!

JennTRC said...

I would love a subscription to Allure!

i'm a follower on twitter, jennrach.

jrerwin6 at gmail dot com

Julie said...

How about a subscription to BOn Appetit magazine. I would love that.

urban craft said...

This is a super giveaway. I would love a Cookie sub. please. Thanks!