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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Got Earrings Giveaway!

Today's Giveaway is for a fabulous pair of Silver Western Heart Earrings!

Handmade by Got Earrings! Each earring is approx. 1.75" long from the top of the ear wire. Hearts measure approx. 22mm. Findings and ear wire are sterling silver. Comes with rubber ear nuts so that you will not lose them.

Look at the beautiful bead on each of the hearts!

I love the leaf design. So delicate!

Here are some other pretty pieces from Got Earrings:

Garnet Quartz Dangle Earrings - $26

Aqua Briolite Dangle Earrings - $16

Angel Earrings - $9.95

Raku Twisted Lampwork Beaded Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings - $26.95

Please visit Got Earrings and then come back here to let me know which items tickle your fancy! Leave a comment letting me know.

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free indeed said...

Ahh, just catching this in the changeover...I just left my comment on the other item! Many of those earrings caught my eye I must say! Love the heshi turquoise earrings and the square tiger eye ones too. Lovely!

The Straka's said...

I love the Fall Colors earring set. Everything is so pretty!! Thanks!!

redkathy said...

Hi Liz, this was a hard one, all the earrings a really pretty! I think I would pick the western hearts, I ♥ hearts!

mrsdunson said...

Boy, this is a tough one...there were so many pretty combinations! I think in the spirit of St. Patricks Day I would have to choose the gold 4-leaf clovers!

Shimmy Mom said...

So many of them are pretty like the blue and pearl and the purple harlequin. I don't know how I'd ever decide on just one.


Erin Glee said...

I think the Fall Colors Quartz Earrings are so pretty~ I love green, amber and gold together!

windycindy said...

Hi! She has so many lovely pairs of earrings. The Skeleton Key Lampwork Earrings are a favorite of mine.
I also really like the Raku SS Hoop
Earrings. Thanks for a delightful contest! Cindi

ashley s said...

I liked the copper circles, or twisted wire pairs. all of them were cute.

p said...

I like the western hearts and the snowflakes (although I'm DONE with snow for now!). Angels are pretty too.

Linda D said...

I love the copper circles..they are very cool.

C said...

Love the Green Pearl and crystal earrings and the Ocean Jasper drops with ceramic leaves earrings. Very unique.

BarterBabe said...

I love earrings. Just re pierced after 15 years of not having them. I love Pink Gold Hoop Earrings. Plus many many more. Gorgeous.

Sara said...

The earrings are all lovely - but, i must say I really liked the Purple Harlequin Lampwork Earrings

mnheather said...

I love the twisted lampwork earing. I also really like the square tiger eye earings.

Maria said...

Lovely shop! I love the Midnight Blue and the Silver Western Hearts! Hope I win!!!

Jodie said...

I love the breast cancer ribbon earrings! Such a fashionable way to show my support!

Lena said...

Too many to choose from! I like the Chrysocolla and Bali silver Earrings.

drewmark19 said...

There are so many pretty ones. My favs were the Ocean Jasper drops with ceramic leaves. So beautiful!

icefairy said...

My favorite is the Silver Heart Charm earrings. Thanks for the giveaway!
beatspammer at gmail dot com

icefairy said...

I have your button.
beatspammer at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I love the lemon/lime and turquoise earrings as well as the snowflake. I dress as Xmas Barbie each yr and they would top the outfit!


lmerie said...

I like the first ones you had on the post - really cute and fun!


Jennifer said...

Purple Harlequin Lampwork Earrings tickle my fancy! Those beads are very very pretty.
cspmom google and Etsy

nfmgirl said...

So many to love! My favorites are the
Secret Life of Bees and the Turquoise and Red Crystal.

Doris said...

My fancy was caught by the Elegant Chandelier Earrings!

dorisandpete (at) hotmail (dot) com

*Meg Larsen* said...

I like the copper and goldstone chainmaile earrings best--so great!

Julie said...

So many of these a really cute. I think my favorite ones are the crystal and pearl chandalier, the art deco periwimkle, and last but not least the pink glass hearts.

Nancy said... many earrings so little time! Hard to pick a fave.
I like the glass disc favorite color combo of purple and light blue!
What a neat giveaway.

Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

It's hard to choose but probably the purple harlequin earrings. So pretty!

auntrene said...

I really like the Valentine's Day Earrings. I think they are very pretty and I love the color Red. I liked the Pink butterfly earrings also. Lots of great designs. Thanks for sharing.

Thistle Cove Farm said... budget simply will not allow me to buy all of these lovely earrings! I liked the hearts then the garnets, then the...they just kept getting prettier and prettier.

Jacky said...

I hope I'm not too late! I love these: Glass Butterfly and bali silver earrings =)

Emily said...

I love the heart ones! (I can be emailed through my blog info...)

the mrs. said...

The pink glass heart and square tiger's eye earrings are very pretty. I really love the ones in the giveaway, too. Very versatile.