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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wristlet Giveaway!

Pamela Posch Wristlet Giveaway today!!

Pamela Posch Wristlets are perfect for every busy and on the go person. You'll always know where you keys are with this key chain. It fits right around your wrist!

When you run in the store just place them on your wrist, no more wondering "where are my keys?". If you have kids in car seats, we've all been there, placing the keys down to buckle or unbuckle the kiddos in the seat. Then..... "where did I put my keys?". Never again with the wristlet! Walking to your car at night, your keys will be on your wrist and ready. No more looking over your shoulder while digging for your keys. Safety and Style all in one.

And because they are so easy to find if you drop them inside your purse you be on the go in no time. No more searching and searching to the depths of the endless purse!

These make perfect stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, secret Santa gifts..... the list goes on and on. Everyone needs one of these!

Each wristlet measures approx 5" long.
Head on over to Pamela Posch and check out some of the other cool items!

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Carol said...

I'm 62 years old and definitely need help finding things. My days are filled with "where did I put" and "why did I come in here". My car keys have legs!

njskog said...

My car keys are always getting lost in my rather large purse! This would sure make them easier to find!

the mrs. said...

I love, love, love this. I've been wanting one of these for so long, too!

Kathleen said...

Maybe with one of these I won't be running around sayins "Where's my keys?!?" when it's time to head out for school!

Susan said...

Great idea...With 3 children I'm always misplacing something and car keys are at the top of the list!

Theresa said...

I really like this idea! It's a lot easier to keep track of keys..

Beth said...

This would be great. I run w/a friend at a near by lake. I hate having to hold the keys or listening to them jingle in my pocket. It would also be a good gift for my running partner.

Anonymous said...

This would be ideal for my secret sister at church!!

Thank you! :)

Sandy said...

very creative lady- love the cd purse and the way she alters and repurposes things

Anonymous said...

This would be great, I could keep track of my keys for once.

Kelli said...

This would be perfect for my sister. She is always losing her keys.

Dixie Lee said...

Best key chain I ever had was a wristlet. These would make great teacher gifts!