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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Relaxing 8-Pack of Butter Bars Giveaway!!

Feeling a bit neglected lately? Need some TLC? Feel like you're going to lose your pretty little mind and fly into a bitch rage at the drop of a hat? Is it the calm before the storm that you crave?

How about instead of a hot sexy man running his hands all over your tired body, you close off the bathroom for an hour, draw the tub full of hot water and drop in a Bubbling Butter Bar from the little pink Anti Bitch Box by The Grumpy Girl Candle & Bath Co.. Grab a glass of wine and some candles and sit back and relax.

Yeah, okay we'd have picked the hot sexy man too but you have to give us credit for trying.

This Giveaway is from The Grumpy Girl Candle & Bath Co.! It is for an 8 pack of Butter Bars in the same scent all wrapped up in a cute little pink candy box. Each truffle weighs 1.5oz and is the perfect size for one bath.

Each bar is packed full of yummah ingredients like Whole Milk, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter and silky skin conditioners to make you feel oh so good.
Head over to The Grumpy Girl Candle & Bath Co. and let me know what items you like in her store!

Please include your scent choice in your entry. You can find the different scents HERE.

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lmerie said...

LOL - well "Lick Me All Over" ought to be a wonderful choice - especially for kid free weekends! hehe. Several look like excellent choices for some Christmas and Birthday presents!

pamipoo said...

Oh for goodness sake-how in the world are you supposed to choose?
1.romp in the orchard
4.let them eat cake
5.lick me all over
umm I think I have a problem :)

njskog said...

Orange You Special appeals to me, but I think Id choose the Holiday Sampler to try some of the other scents.

Miss Anne said...


Love this stuff! What creative and fun names!!

Looks amazing!

crossing my fingers!

Annemarie said...

I love the soaps, so pretty. I think I'd go with the Glinda the Good witch scent. Sounds nice.

Tranquility said...

HAHAHA - well, I just couldn't pick any favorites because I love them all. Really, the product names are just fantastic - I'm still laughing (and heading right back to the store after I leave this comment)!

I think the Frosty The Pervert scent sounds wonderful and Christmasy and so that's what I would choose!

Siryn said...

Oh wow! I could buy everything on her site - I love it all! Those cupcake bath bombs are adorable! The Almond Pound Cake scent sounds positively heavenly! And that Ruby Red Slipper sounds like it would smell divine! Thanks for linking to this great shop!

ashley said...

I think the names are a hoot. I would like to try Drunk Uncle Bob soap, and think the scent, Edge of Insanity - Masculine scent of ivy, violet leaves and verbena., cardamom and Canadian balsam, with a deep luscious amber and sandalwood, would be nice, along with most all the others too.

MMMadrid said...

Frosty the pervert! That's good. It reminds me of my favorite Holiday movie...Bad Santa! Billy Bob is just genius as santa. Plus I always choose mint soap, it tingles! Thanks for the chance.

Darah said...

Rude(y) Please! Boy, I could use a long, hot relaxing bath at the end of a stressful day (after work, after making and cleaning up dinner (and eating if I get the chance), and playing with my boys, putting the boys to bed, then ME time, unless the baby wakes up, then ME time is canceled).
Good luck all.

MindyElias said...

that acid trip soap is so cool looking!!! Oh my goodness!

My scent choice would be Let them eat cake! YUMMY!

Tiff said...

I'm with pamipoo, too hard to pick just one! lol
I think it's a toss up between Lick me all over and Frosty the Pervert.

Thanks for turning us on to this shop, can't wait to buy some stuff for my Honey!

Island Girls said...

Lick me all over just screams out to me... although all look delish!

Let them eat cake Yum!

Thanks for the giveaway.
By the way Liz... you're our Blog entry today.

Country Girl said...

You have got the greatest stuff on your giveaway blog, Liz!
I cannot choose my favorites, because there are so many. I love soap and bath things, and this etsy shop is awesome.
I especially like their tongue-in-cheek names for all of their items. (Frosty the Pervert?) Ha!

Although I'm not fond of the name, the scent I'd choose would be Falling Down Drunk. I just love all the scents that go into that one.

This is a site not to be missed!

Natalie said...

Wow, this has been a great day for discovering new sites! I came here from and now you've sent me to GrumpyGirl! What gorgeous products and hilarious names! I'd have to go with "Naughty List". Taking a hot bath with yummy butter bars would be very naughty with all I have going on right now! :D

Christina said...

My favorite item at the store site was the "Hot Sexy UPS Dude"! I may have to get my hubby some of that!

As for the favorite scent I think the "Ruby Red Slippers" sounded fun and a close second would be the "Wicked Witch of the West". Such creative names - I love it!

Jeff and Mandee said...

The Flying Monkey's and the Don't Squeeze the Melons sounds wonderful!! I have to get me some of these!! The sugar scrubs sound wonderful too.


Gene Black said...

Hmmm.. the Hot Sexy UPS Dude Handmade Soap for Him
Sounds nice.

My fragrance choice is Evil Leprechaun

Jan said...

If I win I'll share with my adult daughters, I promise.

Scent choice: Hot Sexy UPS Dude.

Gwen in SoCal said...

I think I actually like best the one being featured and given away...I love mango. This is right up my sis-in-law's alley, including the name. ;-)

NICOLE said...

FLYING MONKEYS...just in case anyone wants to send me a christmas present :) I LOVE coconut

Deanna said...

I love the Acid Trip Handmade Soap, so cool! And I like the Lollipop Guild Soap, the Love You Long Time Soap and the cupcake bath bombs!

leah said...

I like the Lollipop Guild soap. My favorite scent is Lump Of Coal.

drewmark19 said...

I've never been so entertained by soap in my life! :) There are so many scents, it's hard to choose. If I had to pick just one, I think Trailer Park Trash sounds like it would smell good (surprisingly!)

Kathleen said...

Goodness, they all sound so, um, interesting! I'd have to go with "Hot Sexy UPS Dude", since hubby was once one of those hotties in brown!

BarbH said...

I would pick the scent, Glenda the good witch scent. There WAS a little something in there that I hope someone gives me---Anti-Holiday Bitch soap! My goodness with a couple of relatives, I'd be in the bathroom scrubbing something more than once!

Sandy said...

Choco-Mint Orgasm Lip Balm and the naughty bear- this is so amusing and cute a site- the naughty fragrance sounds yummy

*Meg Larsen* said...

Oh, I would definitely get the Christmas Passed scent...but i loved them all! I think the candles are great too.

Anonymous said...

Hmm these sound great, much better than Calgon take me away! I would pick the Santa Forgot You This Year or Flying Monkeys. Very creative, love it. said...

Pretty soaps! I bet they smell incrediable!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Putty in your hands soap. I love lavender.

My husband would go crazy over all the candles!

Pat's Tuesday said...

I think I like the Frosty The Pervert sent. While I love Christmas time I the year I could sure use these for some down time for just myself. I know I will be revisiting this site again and again for gifts. I added your button to my site (I finally got it to work right)

Ginni C. said...

Wow, hard choice! But I've got to stay true to my favorites and go with 'Ruby Red Slippers'.

Going back now to order some Christmas presents.

WhirlingVortex said...

Hahahahahaha.... I just love these names, and the scents are just as great!

I think my top few are:

1. Lick Me All Over
2. Love You Long Time
3. Putty In Your Hands
4. Almost Innocent
5. Head Down Clown
6. Jolt!

I love them all!

Kelli said...

These crack me up!! I love how original the items are. Too cute! I would like: Roasting On An Open Fire

Shimmy Mom said...

#1 most of those look good enough to eat. Especially the CupCake bath bombs, those look really fun, I'd have to keep them away from my kids.
The Whip Me Body Parfai looked intriguing.
It said that not all scents were available for everything but I like the sounds of
Roasting on an open fire,
Almost Innocent and Da bomb. I'd take any of them.
(P.S. I got your button put into my side bar last week. I hope it brings you more visitors.)

Mik said...

OH WOW!!! They don't call me The Bath Junkie for nothing! It's one of my favorite things to do and I have never tried bath butter before! They all have fabulous names for each set to go along w/ the great scents.

Dirty Deeds wld be a good choice!

Heather April said...

Hi I am new here. I recently was in a soap store of this type of product and was amazed at the feel and smell of these soaps. WOW Can I be entered for the holiday sampler? Thanks!!