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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

EllyNelly's "Walk In The Park" Giveaway!

Escape to the park without even leaving your desk :o)
These wonderful vinyl decals are from the ever-so-popular EllyNelly! The "Walk In The Park" design is one of their newest designs.
The strategy: Pattern your life!
Beautiful and fun images created for you by designers who want to enable you to quickly & inexpensively transform any room into a happy and artistic space.
These designs are easily applied and look great on walls, windows, mirrors, fridges, tiles, ceilings, bathrooms, toilets. Any smooth clean surface is suitable!
This particular "Walk In The Park" design pack includes:
Trees/ lamp post all around 7 inches high, people around 3 inches high. *measurements vary slightly between shapes - some taller, some shorter.
Graphics come on 2 x lengths measuring 22" W each. You can then place them up to make a 44" full length, or cut them up and place them however you like!
No need to knock holes in walls, these artworks are self-adhesive yet removable (not reusable) when you are ready for a change and a new graphic!
With EllyNelly's great choice of designs you will have no excuse, you can create without picking up a paintbrush.
You're in control. That plain wall, that ordinary mirror can become a feature in next to no time! And once you've seen for yourself how clever you can be you'll be back for more of EllyNelly's constantly evolving collection.
Head over to EllyNelly and then come back here to let us know which of their designs is your favorite! Mine is the Dainty Doilie wall graphic. That would look great in my entryway!
Spread the Love,


Erin said...

I really like dotsy or branching out. They are both beautiful. What a neat idea!

Erin said...

I don't really have a place I would do it, but it would be a great gift. Branching out would look great by my mom's fireplace.

Wammy said...

I love the three flower pots! We are avid gardeners and always are looking for ways to bring the outside in. How great would these be. Black would maek a great staement. But then, our only gransons is begging for a dog...the big dog would be nice many choices.

tracy stuntz said...

my favorite is the Serene wall graphic, and the window one!

so cute!!

I love all the colors too.

Mom of Three said...

The Meow would look so cute by the front door. I wonder what my cats would think?

Country Girl said...

I love branching out or meadow. You always have such interesting things here!

And maybe someday, some way I'll win!

Susan said...

My favorite is Branching Out. Always looking for new decorating ideas. Thanks!

{ erin } said...

I love it!! I think my favorite would be the "Bloom Wall Graphic". We have a new house and there is this BIG BLANK WALL in our living room and this would be amazing for it!! Ohhhh... hope I am picked!!

and seriously - how cute is the monkey??

ps... love that the colors have "names"

Anonymous said...

I like the "spice" design with the paisleys! Thanks!

drewmark19 said...

I like the nesting bird graphic. Birds are kind of my decorating thing lately. I have a totally blank wall in my kitchen that this would look great on!

The Larsen's said...

I love the cascade wall graphic, especially in white against a vibrant color. Very bold, modern and lovely!

Leigh said...

Maurice Monkey is my fav! My new baby boy is such a monkey and that's his nickname so I'd love to put it in his room! said...

That is actualy crazy cool, and would really help me with finaly doing my bedroom. To go over door to the patio. hmm.
Very cute!

Island Girls said...

I like anything with birds. The branching out is nice as well as the nesting wall.


Rebel said...

I like the panda wall graphic. And the bamboo wall and the.....
I'd have to say panda wall. Yeah, panda wall. Thanks for the chance to win.

Laurie said...

It's tough to choose, but I think I'd go with the daisy chain as my first choice and then the houses as my second (because they remind me of my hometown, SF.) Wonderful, love'm!

Miss Anne said...

I love this stuff!

vinyl wall decor is my current passion!

i LOVE branching out!


K said...

I know it's too late for the giveaway but just want to say Thanks! for the introduction to EllyNelly. I love the designs and will definitely be ordering one for the blank wall in my kitchen after Christmas.
Great site you have!

- Kara