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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Upcycled Chalkboard Giveaway!!

Another wonderful chalkboard! This one looks like so much fun. It is handmade by mostevens. I know my girls have 3 different chalkboards throughout our home and they get lots of use!

This chalkboard is constructed from a wood cabinet door; upcycled and turned into a fun chalkboard instead ending up in the landfill. mostevens has some great resourceful items on the site, so make sure to check it out!

Solid maple frame.

Great for grocery lists, "to-do", menus, reminders, homeschooling or dramatic play too - my kids love playing "school" with their chalkboard.

Traditional chalkboard chalk is best for this board.

Washcloth and two pieces of chalk also included.

Measures: 22 inches tall x 18 inches wide.

Includes sawtooth hardware for quick hanging (will not be attached)
Head over to mostevens and comment back here with what your favorite item is!

Spread the Love,


chrissy said...

This would be so great to have and write memos to my girls so they won't forget to do their chores!lol

Gene Black said...

I love the upcycled wood drawer. What a great re-use of old furniture.

Anonymous said...

oh I love this. and maybe I can figure out where my husband always is.

Shimmy Mom said...

The chalk board is my favorite. I love these "upcycled" chalkboards. We home school. So having them for my kids would be so much fun.
Thanks for the fun give-away.

Anonymous said...

I love both the "upcycled" drawer chalkboards and the stencil Tees...cute stuff. I would love this for the girls and I...when I don't have a list, the girls can keep entertained while I do the cooking and cleaning around the house making lists and drawings of their own.

Nicole said...

LOVE IT! This would be so great to leave messages back and forth to my teen daughter. Maybe I would get mine then, I REALLY NEED THIS!!!

Pamela Posch said...

Love this idea! there's this place near me that sells old cabinet doors for next to nothing. So if I don't win this one I may have to make one myself!

I love the girlscout patch. fond memories of my girlscout days.

Erin said...

This one is definately my favorite!

Upcycled Wood Cabinet Door Chalkboard

Jan said...

My fave is the Upcycled Wood Drawer Cabinet Chalkboard. Great idea.

Bek said...

I like the Upcycled Wood Drawer Cabinet Chalkboard it is such a great size and different.

They are all great.


annemarie said...

I love the upcycle wood drawer but all are neat. What a unique idea.

Shelly said...

This would go great at the back door of my house that is fixing to be built.

The Larsen's said...

i love the smart car stencil tee. but lets face it, i really love the smart car too.

Mom of Three said...

I really like this idea!

I am all for recycling and reusing, so this is perfect.

I think my favorite is the upcycled wood drawer.

southerninspiration said...

I kinda like the upcycled drawer that was made into the long skinny chalkboard! How cool!

Jeff and Mandee said...

I love how they use the old cabinets and drawers for these, what a wonderful idea!! My daughter would love this and probably go play school too!


micah and erica said...

That is a really cool idea. My nephews would love this for Christmas. I just checked out her shop and all the chalkboards look so cute and fun.

silverhartgirl said...

I love chalkboards. Upcycled Wood Drawer Cabinet Chalkboard is my favorite.

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

If you are having a giveaway of this chalk board then I'm your gal. I try to give homeschooling moms a little break by taking their kids one day a week and teaching them arts and crafts. I love it.
This would be PERFECT in our crafts room. Thank you
Miss Lila in Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Love the chalkboards!! I've been looking for one.