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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Out Of This World CUTE!

Don't you just love these! I have a thing for birds....anything with a bird on it and I am in love! They are just so sweet and innocent.
These precious babes are from the VERY talented Sherrie over at Gifts And Talents. Make sure to go and check out her site as she has lots of crafty, adorable items at GREAT prices!
This is a set of (6) Decoupaged Clothespins measuring 3.25" each. While they are Resistant to Water, they are Not Recommended for Outdoor Use. However, they would be Great for the Following Uses:

~ Home or Office (to bind papers in an attractive manner)
~ Chip Clip
~ To use as Place Card Settings -for a Casual Dinner or Luncheon
~Baby Shower
~Bridal Showers
~Birthday Party
~What Wonderful Party Favors these would make!
~Gift Giving - Just Attach Gift Tags to Gift Bags and Presents
And the List Goes On...
Spread the Love,


Kay said...

What a cute idea. I love these! They would work great on the fridge to hold pictures/papers too!

Mom of Three said...

Love your new look!

These would be great to hold my scrapbooking projects together. Too cute!

Christy said...

oh my these are the cutest things ever! I know I could use these for thousands of things!

Pat's Tuesday said...

I also have a thing for birds and birdhouses. These are so cute and would look great of my fridge. said...

OMG! these are too cute! and her site is so good for some x-mas shopping!

Gwen in SoCal said...

I love birds too! I would love to hang these on my daughter's "clothes line" in her room where she hangs her artwork.

Cindy said...

Aw, those are some of the cutest clips ever! Why didn't I think of that?!?

Linda said...

How cute ... I have a line strung across the top of a doorway to our home school classroom (living room) and I pin up letters and pictures for my 3-year old. These would be perfect!

Michelle said...

OH my! These are too flippin adorable! I could use these to hang pictures from a clothes line across a wall. I looooove them!

leah said...

wow, way to make something so boring into something so adorable!

The Tulip Lady said...

Very, very cute...much more attractive than the one that is holding my chips right now! I would love to be entered in your drawing.

Also, you came by the Tulip Girls shop the other day, I would love to offer something for a give away for your blog. Just let me know some details later, Thanks!

Tranquility said...

These are so cute! They make me want to start clipping things together!

~Gina~ said...

I'm in love. I love homemade items like these. I can picture them on a wire holding my kids papers!

blueviolet said...

Those are darling! Birds are just lovable aren't they?