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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nurse Purse GIVEAWAY!

Earth Mother Nurse Purse
You and me, baby, we're gonna go places someday.


The Nurse Purse is a brand new product at Risky Beads!**
It's an inexpensive, stylish, and convenient way to be sure that you always have a nursing necklace with you. Just stash this 3" x 2.5" purse in your diaper bag or purse, and then don't worry about it again. When it's time to nurse, you're good to go! The pendant is long enough to slip over your head, and the length can be adjusted by sliding the knots.
This pendant is made from a 33mm red-orange carnelian teardrop donut, dark brown waxed cotton cord, twisted copper and ceramic spacers. This particular donut is one of my favorites because of the way it's carved. It looks like a little baby to me. The 'purse' in the The Nurse Purse was made by jennyndesign here at Etsy (

Never heard of a nursing necklace? No problem. Many moms use a nursing necklace to keep baby occupied while feeding. It gives them something to hold onto and helps them stay focused while they nurse and keeps their wandering hand busy. Infants can easily hold onto the stones and slip their fingers in the holes. The Nurse Purse is a great way to try out a nursing necklace. If your baby isn't interested, you still have a great pendant to wear!

The Nurse Purse also makes a great baby shower gift!

**To celebrate the launch of this new product, Risky Beads has teamed up with Jennyndesign and some of Etsy's best sellers of children's clothing, toys, and artwork and put together a promo pack to go with this purchase. When you purchase The Nurse Purse, you will receive promotional offers from:

Fabulous tote bags, hip pockets, and more at jennyndesign at
Fun, funky and fashionable accessories for your baby from Sweetnsassybaby at

Paintings, cards, artwork, and decorated drawer knobs from sweetmiscreations at

Zadyball--your baby's first and favorite toy at of course, a coupon for FREE SHIPPING on your next purchase at Risky Beads!

The Nurse Purse comes packaged on my signature Risky Beads card stock with its verbage and sealed in a poly bag. Need it Risky Wrapped? Let me know in notes to seller. Risky Beads is at your service!

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EmmyRedneck said...

Is this where we post? :o)
I loooove the Olive Oil Nurse Purse!
I think even if I dont win I might have to buy one for my little sister for Christmas! She'd go nuts for these!

June Bug said...

I love "Little Red Riding Hood Lost in Manhattan" - what a cute and clever idea! I gotta confess - I'm familiar with Risky Beads. I've purchased six pairs of earrings from her!

Lisa C said...

I never heard of a nurse purse or nurse necklace before...sounds like a clever idea! My fave is Mother Nature Old School necklace

Gene Black said...

Spectacle! It is a very nice piece and could be worn by either male or female. Risky Beads has some beautiful stuff.

kmccpa said...

I like the autumn gumbo necklace! That nursing purse looks cool.

tracy stuntz said...

omg my sister just found out she is pregnant this morning! what a perfect gift this would be!

njskog said...

I love the Sea of Change pendant! Came here from Chronicles of a Country Girl. Actually, everything is neat, but I picked a favorite!

Joan S

Anonymous said...

Cute idea!! Very cute!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Beth said...

How beautiful these things are. It was hard but I chose Holly. I love it. My Christmas shopping is now done. Thanks for posting this.

Sandy said...

this is sweet- have seen them and want one- great idea
Everyone have a great week!

Casie & Andrew said...

What a cool idea! I love the Belle of the Ball necklace. Its so pretty!

drewmark19 said...

I think the link to risky beads has a comma after www rather than a period. Once I figured that out, I got to the site no problem. Just thought you'd like to know.

Well, I like them all. My favorites are olive oil and gold metal. This is one of those, "Why didn't I think of that" things! My baby is constantly tugging on necklaces, laces, etc. It makes sense to just wear something that won't break. Whether I win or not, I think I might just purchase one anyway. It looks like something that can be worn anytime!

Kristy said...

I love the Humanity necklace! This is such a great giveaway...I am currently nursing and would love this!

carre said...

I think my favorite thing in the store was the underwater kaledescope heart... This necklace is so pretty too. I think my gabers would love it.

Nikki said...

very cool ideas!!! dont enter me on this one, just wanted to comment

TheSolseths said...

I really like the Referee necklace (black and white striped heart). Would be a great gift for my sister because sisters have strange relationships... we fight yet we can't stand to be apart from one another!

Miyamotos said...

I like the Little Red Riding Hood Caught In a Snowball Fight bracelet. It's so lovely! Thanks!