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Friday, November 7, 2008

Ms. Pacman Gloves!

Do you miss the 80's countless hours spent in the arcade with your favorite heroine? Then these gloves are for you! These gloves are from the talented Sherry over at BabyPop! Don't forget to go check out all her really cool things! She has quite the assortment!

They are black polar fleece with the Ms. Pacman in yellow w/a pink bow and Ghost in blue. She has over locked on the seams and pinked on the ends. They are great to keep your hands warm but allows your fingers to move freely. Great for the commuter, knitter, or any person who needs the finger free, but with a touch of flare!

Easy wash… throw them in with you regular laundry and then right into the dryer. Plus they don't get get caught on items like knitted gloves do.

The size is for small/med women’s hands. The measure 9” from top to bottom 3 ½” at the finger opening.

***As Featured in Dazed and Confused Magazine.

She can do them to fit men no problem so just ask if you need larger.


chrissy said...

I love these!!! I would so wear them if it ever gets cold enough down here in Alabama!lol

Mom of Three said...

My 11 year daughter has recently discovered Ms. Pacman and would really like these!

Robyn said...

I absolutely adore these! My hands are always cold and these are perfect. I could even type with them...or play video games with :)

knightangel621 AT yahoo DOT com.

dustinscrzywife said...

ooooh I sooo love 80's inspired clothes. I alsooo like using extra oooo's when I type!

Anonymous said...

Those are just so funny and cute!

Michelle said...

Oh my Mom would find these hilarious... she's so a Mrs. Pacman child!

drewmark19 said...

I'm a child of the 80's and remember Pac-Man vividly! Count me in! said...

Seriously, Id wear these so much! coolest thing ever!

Laura said...

I hope I win these. Pacman was one of my favorite games growing up!