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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dog Collar Giveaway!!

I *really* need to get myself another dog!

Kelly over at Gone Doggie has graciously donated this wonderful collar for our Giveaway today! It is a size medium and is 1" wide and adjusts from 13"-18".
This is what Kelly has to say:
This collar is a size Medium, it adjusts from 13" to 18". It is 3/4" in width.
My collars are made with a Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing core. Nylon webbing is much stronger than polypropylene which is most commonly used on collars.

I use 100% cotton fabric for the outside. All fabrics are washed and dried before sewing so they will not shrink when washed. I sew all collars on a heavy duty industrial sewing machine (Tacsew), I use a heavy nylon bonded thread, this thread is much stronger than what is used on a regular home sewing machine.

The buckle is a contoured plastic side release buckle and again, is heavy duty.

The Dee ring is welded for added strength.

My collars are meant to be used with a leash. I have three large breed dogs and my dogs have been wearing my collars and being walked on my leashes for over two years now. These collars are made to be strong yet, fun.

All collars can be machine washed in COLD water and preferably in a laundry bag to protect your washer tub and the hardware on the collar.


You may dry your collar in the dryer on low. I just lay mine out to air dry and it doesn't take long at all.


Thanks Kelly! Make sure to check out Gone Doggie for other fun Doggie things, she has plenty! :)
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chrissy said...

I have a Bassett Hound that this would look beautiful on!!! The colors are so bright and the little paws so cute!

JaMean said...

That would look awesome on my Rat Terrier. His is starting to fray. :(

Shell said...

What a cute dog collar. I have a chihuahua and she would look so cute with a new collar.

MomoKnow said...

Della dog, yellow lab, decided she would look awesome in this color. Her blue one is kind of scruffy.

Carol said...

I raise and rescue Border Collies. Sidney is a 6-yr-old rescued lady that doesn't know how to play or even eat treats. She could really use a pretty collar to help her feel better.

Nancy said...

That's a fun AND practical collar. My little sweeties would look beautiful in that!


Jodi said...

My Goldendoodle would look so cute in this.

April said...

What a pretty and colorful collar! And I love the other things in her shop too! Thanks!

Crystal said...

omg!! i love this! My dog Sassy would look so cute with this collar!

Newfangled said...

This collar is adorable. I also love the plush dogs and market bags in her shop.

If I were lucky enough to win, please convo me via my etsy shop at

Laksaware said...

Kelly makes great wonderful collars!
I don't have a dog but I know a dog who would love this.

Sarah said...

what a cute collar! This would be perfect for my naughty foxhound, Lucille.