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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Birdhouse On A Branch Giveaway!

You fellow bird lovers out there are gonna want this one! Single Stone Studios is the maker of this wonderful wall art!

This decal is 15.3" high by 23" wide and will come in the 2 colors of your CHOICE!
See the palette above.
About the Wall Decals:
Each decal is made of high quality, self-adhesive and waterproof vinyl. Our vinyl is rated to last 5 years outdoors and virtually forever indoors. Decals can be applied to any clean, smooth and flat surface. Put them on your walls, doors, windows - anywhere you want! Much faster, cleaner and easier than painting. Use various decals and colors to create a unique design!

You should go check out all the fabulous wall art over at Single Stone Studios! They have so much to choose from!

Spread the Love,


kristacular said...

WOW! This is adorable!!! I perfect christmas present for my bird-loving mother!

Martha said...

Cute! I'd love one of these for a gift for my birdhouse collector friend :-)

MindyElias said...

My mom use to make birdhouses for her daughters (I love mine!) and she would love this!

Thank you~


drewmark19 said...

How cool! This would be a neat decoration for my daughter's room. You're going to get me in trouble with getting addicted to all these great sellers!

MomoKnow said...

We are big bird-watchers in our house - with this cool decal we could watch all the time. Very cool!

the mrs. said...

How great! I also checked out their site and think I finally found something for over my couch. Thanks for letting me know about this place.

Linda said...

How cute is that? I know exactly where I would put it ... in my entryway that is badly in need of something creative!

Anonymous said...

This would be a great addition to any plain wall. We are sadly short of art in this house.

- Evelyn in Canada

Mom of Three said...

We just painted our bedroom and this would go perfectly!

Thanks for all the great items you find!

{ erin } said...

I love it! So cute!!! We just moved into a new place and it would look great surrounded by pics of the family (get it, family tree ;o) LOL).

Miss Anne said...

I LOVE THIS! I have a current obsession with birds!

*crossing my fingers*

Lilith Silvermane said...

My boyfriend never decorated his house after the ex moved out... (it's been over a year) I think this would be a great way to start getting him thinking!

Phyllis R. said...

How sweet is that! I just spent some time oohing and ahing over some of the other vinyl offerings. Thanks for sharing the site! said...

All I can say is WOW! gorgeous! I so have a place for this in my house! wOw!