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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beautiful Photo GIVEAWAY!!

Wow! Just look at those photos! Kate is an amazing photographer. She has donated one 8x10 or 8x12 print (winner's choice) from her site Katydid74.

Head over to her site Katydid74 and then come back here and tell us what your favorite photo is! My personal fav is The Beauty of the Rain!

Please respect her copyright! She deserves the acknowledgement.
She also has a couple blogs: KatesPictureADay and ChroniclesOfACountryGirl

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Digital Card Giveaway!


Sandy said...
they have beautiful cards- we are sending out cards to family towards the end of the month- yeh ok so we are being slow this year..oh well

Yay! So send me a quick email: and I will get you two in touch!

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Personalized Digital Holiday Card GIVEAWAY!

Haven't gotten your cards ready to mail yet this year? Then THIS is the Giveaway for YOU!

On Your Time has sponsored this Giveaway! Here's how it works:

1) Choose YOUR favorite design.

2) Email On Your Time YOUR info:- how you would like the card to read- any special requests you may have - dont forget to attach your image!! Please review carefully. Once she receives final approval a high resolution photo file will be emailed to you.

3) Take the high resolution file to YOUR favorite photo finisher on YOUR time!!!

************************************************************************************************ On Your Time does offer High Quality Printing on 100lb Card Stock. Although it is not included in this Giveaway. Envelopes are included in the printing price. Please Convo On Your Time if you are interested in this service!!!!!


Friday, November 28, 2008

Simply Daisy Soap Dish GIVEAWAY!

Simply Daisy has donated this precious soap dish for today's Giveaway!
This is a small hand built dish / plate that would be perfect for a soap dish or place to put special pieces of jewlery/keys.
Made from red/brown stoneware clay and stamped with Simply Daisy's signature ceramic daisy stamp. Glazed a beautiful shimmery green.
Glaze is lead-free and food-safe.
Safe for dishwasher and microwave.
Organically oval in shape, it measures 5 1/2" X 4", and can accommodate a large bar of soap although it is shown with a guest size soap.
Now, go over to Simply Daisy and come back and comment on which item you love from her site! There are mugs, aprons, teapots, etc. We want to know which item tickles your fancy! My fave is the bird soap dish!

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day MAGAZINE Subscription Giveaway!!

Are you stuffed yet? Well here is the 3rd and final Giveaway for Thanksgiving Day!

Your choice of a one-year subscription to one of the following magazines:


Ladies Home Journal

O, The Oprah Magazine

Harper's BAZAAR



To enter, place a comment saying which one you would choose.

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Turkey Day B&N Gift Card Giveaway!!

2nd Giveaway for Thanksgiving Day! Make sure to keep checking back as the day progresses...there will be MORE!

The second item up for grabs is a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble! Buy yourself a romance novel, a book for your grandchild, a map of your city, etc. The possibilities are endless!

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Turkey Day QBQ Book Giveaway!!

1st Giveaway for Thanksgiving Day! Make sure to keep checking back as the day progresses...there will be MORE!

A book for you to read or to pass onto a friend. My husband and I heard of it on the Dave Ramsey Radio Show

From the Publisher of QBQ:

The lack of personal accountability is a problem that has resulted in an epidemic of blame, complaining, and procrastination. No organization-or individual-can achieve goals, compete in the marketplace, fulfill a vision, or develop people and teams without personal accountability.
John G. Miller believes that pointing fingers and blaming others cannot solve the troubles that plague organizations. Rather, the real solutions are found when each of us recognizes the power of personal accountability. In QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, Miller explains how negative, inappropriate questions like "Why do we have to go through all this change?" and "Who dropped the ball?" represent a lack of personal accountability. Conversely, when we ask better questions-QBQs-such as "What can I do to contribute?" or "How can I help solve the problem?" our lives and our organizations are transformed.

The QBQ! Promise

This remarkable and timely book gives a practical method for putting personal accountability into daily action, with astonishing results: problems are solved, internal barriers come down, service improves, teamwork grows, and people adapt to change more quickly. QBQ! is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to learn, grow, and change. Using this tool, each of us can add tremendous worth to our organizations and to our lives by eliminating blame, complaining, and procrastination.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bags By Tracy GIVEAWAY!

Reusable grocery-tote bag! Go Green!!!

With everybody taking their own grocery bags to the store, isn't it time you take something cute instead of those drab green and brown boring ones! Today's Giveaway is from Bags By Tracy. She is offering one lucky Winner this pretty thing (but with whatever fabric you would like!!).

The Bags By Tracy are made with interfacing in between two coordinating fabrics. These bags will stand up on their own and they have the strength to be filled with groceries.

You can choose your own fabric on this Giveaway! Tracy said to check out all the options here on her Flickr Site.
Make sure to come back here and let us know which item from her store, Bags By Tracy, you like best. She makes other items too!
Here are just a few of the FABULOUS fabric choices you will have (you all know which one I would choose-- THE BIRD ONE!!):

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Pat's Tuesday said...
I love these and think they would look greate on my coffee table. I liked the angels also but my favorite was the "Sweet Pea" assortment for a baby's room. I have a firend whose last name is "Sweet" and she is expecting her 3rd "sweet pea" ao that holds a special place in my hear.

CONGRATULATIONS! Please email me at with your mailing address so we can get this sent over to you!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

JOY Blocks Giveaway

Ally'sAttic has donated this wonderful wooden decoration! She has great talent!!

Isn't this CUTE! Alison from Ally'sAtticCrafts has donated it for today's Giveaway!
This is set of 4 blocks. They range in size from 5" x 3.5" to 3.5" x 3.5", the whole set in length is around 20".
Each block has been painted, sanded and stained for that rustic look. Then white vinyl lettering has been applied that spells out Joy. A large block has had adorable scrapbook paper decoupaged, then sanded and inked. A set of picture corners have been added so you can add your favorite 4 x 6 family photo. A ribbon has been tied for the finishing touch.
This set would look adorable on a shelf or front display table.
Head over to Ally'sAtticCrafts or her other site Ally'sAttic and check her other work out. She has some really cute decorations for little boy and girl rooms as well as other holiday decorations.
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Sprinkle Catcher WINNER!


I Do Faces said...
haha K I didn't know what these were at first, now I get it!!!! SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!! I like the pirate ones!!

I will email you to get your mailing address.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Sprinkle Catcher Giveaway!

I received a set of these for Ben when I was pregnant with him. I love them!!!
This Sprinkle Catcher set was made by Blue Jean Jess's Fun and Funky Shop.
These soft sprinkle catchers are a must have for any new baby boy! Mommy and Daddy will never have to worry about being sprinkled on again.
Machine Wash and Dry.
Each sprinkle protector has been made with two layers of flannel for extra absorbancy!
Jess is donating this set of 3 to one lucky winner! Make sure to head over to Blue Jean Jess's Fun and Funky Shop and check out her other great items. She makes lots of goodies.
What is your favorite item from her shop??

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Vintage Jane WINNER!


micah and erica said...
I think this is my favorite giveaway so far. If I win I am totally going to buy the other 2 pillows. I also like the vintage blocks.

Email me at with VINTAGE JANE in the subject and your mailing address so I can pass it onto Vintage Jane!

Thanks for all the entries and feedback.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vintage Jane Pillow Giveaway!

Her name is Jane...and she is adorable! She was created by Vintage Jane.
She has black hair, or could be seen as a black and white photograph.
Jane is one in a series of three, soon to be more, girl head pillows.
She is silk screened on the front, and backed with vintage fabric.
She is about 12 1/2 inches in diameter.
Would be a fun gift for both little and big girls, as would many other items over at Vintage Jane's!!
Great to throw on a bed, couch, or chair.
Please head over to Vintage Jane's shop and let us know what your favorite item is. Make sure to look around as she has lots of vintage, fun things! My favorite, besides these cute pillows is the vintage metal GO sign/letters. I wish I had a place for it!

Spread the Love,


Up-Cycled Chalkboard WINNER!!


Shimmy Mom said...
The chalk board is my favorite. I love these "upcycled" chalkboards. We home school. So having them for my kids would be so much fun.Thanks for the fun give-away.*hugs*

Thanks so much for entering your comment! Please send me an email with your mailing address!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Upcycled Chalkboard Giveaway!!

Another wonderful chalkboard! This one looks like so much fun. It is handmade by mostevens. I know my girls have 3 different chalkboards throughout our home and they get lots of use!

This chalkboard is constructed from a wood cabinet door; upcycled and turned into a fun chalkboard instead ending up in the landfill. mostevens has some great resourceful items on the site, so make sure to check it out!

Solid maple frame.

Great for grocery lists, "to-do", menus, reminders, homeschooling or dramatic play too - my kids love playing "school" with their chalkboard.

Traditional chalkboard chalk is best for this board.

Washcloth and two pieces of chalk also included.

Measures: 22 inches tall x 18 inches wide.

Includes sawtooth hardware for quick hanging (will not be attached)
Head over to mostevens and comment back here with what your favorite item is!

Spread the Love,