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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Polly Pocket Giveaway!

Up for grabs is this Polly Pocket Ultimate Style - Charms and Fringe Boutique!

Read about it here on

For ages 4+. Give to your child or re-gift during the Holiday Season.
Have a wonderful day!


pamipoo said...

I used to love Polly Pocket! I know just the sweetie to give it to.

The Picketts said...

I haven't seen one of these in years! I have just recently found your blog - how fun is this?! I'm addicted!

Mrs. Forever said...

I have three nieces that would all love to call a new Polly Pocket their own!

Miss Anne said...

Look at you all fancy pants! :)

What a sweet giveaway!

I have lots of little people in my life that would adore this!

:) it's so fun to enter!

Amy Blackburn said...

Great gift to re-gift! (Though my temptation would be to open it and play with it at least once - they didn't have these when I was a kid!

amy2sa @ gmail . com

Elizabeth said...

I would love love love to give this to my daughter for Christmas!

Cindy said...

Hi! I've been following your blog for about a week now, and love what you're doing here. You're very sweet to have all these giveaways. I raised all boys, so if I had a Polly Pocket, I'd play with her myself :) ~Cindy

Martha said...

How neat! Cindy sent me over. I'll be checking in and clicking around!

a corgi said...

hi; just found your blog through another one (Gemini Wilder - Always Busy)

this is a cute idea

my email address is

this looks cute :)


addie said...

love your blog!
Not sure if you have a time deadline, but I'll post anyway. My 9 year old daughter, still loves her polly pockets and surprisingly is pretty responsible to keep track of all the little do-dads including the shoes :)

Melissa said...

My 2 girls LOVE Polly! Who can resist those little teeny-tiny shoes??

gtmom91 said...

Just came across your website and can't wait to visit it everyday...what fun!! My 7 yo daughter loves her Polly Pockets...just wish it was easier to keep up with all the small pieces. But hey, it does give the cats something to bat across the wood floors when she doesn't pick them up! :)

Nicole said...

My little 4 yr old girl is standing beside me and saw the polly pocket and said,, "I want that, Please!"
Please Please please pick me so my little cutie pie can have it. thanks so much