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Friday, October 31, 2008

Need A Good Read?

With the cooler weather approaching (or already here for some of us) I was thinking about another subscription Giveaway! So have fun thinking about what your choice would be!

Today's Giveaway is a one-year subscription to your choice (1) of the following magazines:
  • Cookie (magazine for parents on style, toys, etc.)

  • Ladies Home Journal

  • Teen Vogue

  • Esquire

  • Seventeen

  • Fitness

  • GQ

Remember that you can have me send this as a gift to someone too. So if you think your Granddaughter would like Seventeen, choose that and I can enter her address as the destination of the subscription.

For your comment today, please let me know what other things you would like to see given away on this site. Thank you!

Yogo Sour Bits WINNER!

Congrats { erin }! You are now the proud owner of Yogos! I hope your girls like these sour ones!

{ erin } said...
My girls LOVE yogos!!

Email me your address at so I can get them in the mail to you!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yogos Sour Bits!

My girls LOVE these! They are a quick, easy special snack for on the go! I am actually giving these out for our Halloween goodies this year.

Variety pack includes:

  • Big Bitin' Apple - 14 pouches
  • Bitin' Berry Blast™ - 14 pouches
  • 90 calories per pouch
  • Good source of calcium
  • 100% Daily Value of Vitamin C

Cushions WINNER!

Congrats Mandee! I will send you an email to get your mailing address. Thanks for entering!

Jeff, Mandee, Rayden and Parker saa\id...
These sound great! I would sooo love to win these, I never get to try things like this on myself.mandee220(at)aol(dot)com

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Neutrogena Pure Glow Cushions!

Need a facial? These work wonders for your pores! Trust me on this one! I don't use much other than a little Oil of Olay on my face, but when I do need to spend a little extra time pampering myself I grab a box of these and get to work. They are soft and easy to use! Just dampen and you're ready to go.
From Neutrogena:
Neutrogena Pure Glow Daily Cleansing Cushions - Normal to Dry Skin - 24 Dual Textured CushionsReveal a fresh, spa quality glow every time you cleanse. These clarifying cushions cleanse and clarify combination/oily skin for a soft, satiny smooth complexion. Experience the essential benefits of a facial at your fingertips -- deep cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and massage.

Febreze WINNER

Thank you for entering The Mrs.! Congrats, you are the winner!

the mrs. said...
I love stuff that makes my house smell good. I've never tried Febreze plug-ins.

Send me a quick email at with your mailing address.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Febreze Sorta Day!

Up for grabs today is the Febreze Noticeables' Hawaiian scent! It is the kind that plugs into the wall outlet. I use them in the front room of my home so when visitors walk in they are greeted with a pleasant scent and not the sippy cup full of curdled milk scent that usually permeates the house. :)

Duster WINNER!

Congratualtions Erin!!

Erin said...
So there are very few of us that like to dust. I'm sure this would come in handy.

Email me your mailing address, would ya!

Have a wonderful week. :)

Monday, October 27, 2008


Mom of Three said...
We could use a movie night!

Congratulations Mom of Three! Email me at so I can get this sent out to you ASAP!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bull Durham MOVIE Giveaway!

Clearing out the movies...This is one of my husband's favorites. We've watched it a few times, but it's still in great condition as it was just sitting on a shelf. Cute movie! Surprise your loved one and pop this romantic movie in. It has enough baseball to keep him happy and enough lovey dovey stuff to keep you interested. :)

"A major league love story in a minor league town" -

Nominated for an Oscar.
Oh and I will also throw in a package of microwave popcorn so you can have a snack while you watch it.

Starbucks WINNER!

Mmmmm! Now go and enjoy some yummy coffee! Congrats!!

Tranquility said...
Ooh fun! I'd have this spent in one stop and what a perfect time of the year... mmm, pumpkin spice lattes!

Send me an email at with your mailing address!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

$10 Starbucks Gift Card!

Today's Giveaway is a $10 Starbucks Coffee gift card. Enough to buy you and a friend a couple of those FABULOUS Pumpkin Spice Frapuccinos. Mmmmmm. Trust've got to try it!

Have a wonderful weekend!



lindanuts said...
Awesome to have found your site! I would love to enter. lindanuts(at)yahoo(dot)com

Linda, I will email Erin your email so that you two can swap information. Thanks for entering!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Special Charm Giveaway!

A new friend Erin has an store on Etsy called My Creative Designs. She has generously offered this next item up for today's Giveaway!

Here is what Erin said: "I can offer a charm/necklace combo. It will be threaded on a clear cord to create a 18' necklace. I can ship it directly to the winner (within the U.S.), too! If the winner needs an extra long cord, no problem."

So there you have it folks! Enter to win this gorgeous charm/necklace and then head over to Erin's site to see what other lovely items she has for you to purchase! The girl has style! Really...I've already picked out a couple items for my sister!

~Peace out~

Playtex Drop-Ins System WINNER

Congratulations Mistress Meeyee!

Mistress Meeyee said...
My baby has colic and people tell me these do wonders.I want them,anything is worth a shot to make Jack a happy baby!

Send me an email with your mailing address and I will get it in the mail to you.

Thanks for entering and make sure you spread the word!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Playtex Drop-Ins System Giveaway!!

Do you need new bottles for your baby? Know someone who does? Have a shower to go to? New grand baby? Well whatever the reason may be, enter to win this brand new set of THREE 8 oz. Playtex Drop-In Bottles and a box of 50 count expandable to 10 oz. liners.

J&J Buddies WinnerS!

Today's winnerS for the Johnson & Johnson Soap Bars are the following posts:

Nicole said...
We use these at our house, they are a wonderful product. Keep up the great work.

Mik said...
These wld be great for my nephews! They are like tadpoles when it comes to water!

And last but certainly not least is,

Anonymous said...
Wow sounds like silly fun!

Email me your addresses at

Thanks for playing and don't forget to see what the Giveaway for today is!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Johnson & Johnson Buddies x 3!

THREE lucky winners will each receive one of these wonderful sudzing soap bars! My girls love these cute little Easy-Grip Buddies from Johnson & Johnson and get squeeky clean when they are on hand. I have three to give away, so there will be three winners!
Don't forget to post a link and get two entries!

Bilingual WINNER!


Anonymous said...
My daughter is just starting to pay attention to the sounds that letters make and this would be a great educational game for her. (I just found your blog on Pioneer Woman. I'm glad I did!)

I will email you to get your address.

Thanks for playing and SPREAD THE WORD about the Giveaways!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Leap Frog Bilingual Memory Mate Game

Today's Giveaway is:

My kids love this Memory Game! It's by the lovely Leap Frog company. It teaches children 3+:

  • Object identification
  • Basic sight words in English and Spanish
  • Memory skills
  • Social interaction.

Bilingual Memory Mate combines interactive play with bilingual language development! Picture-to-picture matching and bilingual words provide a grow-with-me format. The unique locking system allows the child to match confidently! For 1 or more players.


  • 90 Spanish/English interlocking Memory Mate cards
  • Parent guide and instruction booklet


Congratulations Nicole! I hope you enjoy the crabby sign in your room. :)

Nicole said...
I have a room decorated with lighthouses, nautical etc stuff. this would fit in great.

Please send me an email at with your mailing address.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Crab Giveaway!

I picked this up the other day and thought it would be perfect for one of you. :)

It's a wooden "The Crab Is In" hanging sign. The cute little crab is holding on for dear life. This would make a great gag gift to give someone...or hang it next to your kitchen window...either way it won't be mine for long.

Congrats Emily!

Yay Emily! Send me an email at so I can get your mailing address.

Emily said...
Oh I love MK! A pedicure sounds so nice right now

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mary Kay Giveaway!

Mary Kay Private Spa Collection is up for Sunday! Enter for your chance to win this wonderful gift bag full of goodies!

Mary Kay Private Spa Collection Mint Bliss Pedicure Set contains: 3 oz. net wt. Rosemary Mint Soothing Foot Balm, 3 oz. net wt. Rosemary Mint Energizing Foot Mask, 10 Pink Rosemary Mint Foot Fizzies, a foot file/brush and a pair of warm pedicure socks. MSRP $40.00


kylah's mommy said...
I found your blog through MckMamma's blog. I'd like to enter, if it isn't too late.

Not too late! You are the winner! Email me your mailing address to! I will try and mail it out tomorrow.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Movie Night!!

Click HERE to link this Giveaway on your blog!

It's a movie sorta day!

Enter to win Saving Private Ryan from my home collection. It is the Special Limited Edition Version. We're clearing out the DVD's and this is the first one to go. It is a great movie...we just don't have time to watch it. PLUS you will also get a microwaveable bag of ActII Butter Lover's Popcorn. Mmmmmmm!

Click HERE to link this Giveaway on your blog!


Lori is the WINNER!

Lori K said...
What a great idea and a terrific invention. Wish I were brilliant like that to come up with a genious baby item.Lori_Kerr@msnDOTcom

Lori please send me an email at with your address and I will put your feeder in the mail ASAP.

Thanks for playing!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Baby Safe Feeder GIVEAWAY!

Check out this awesome tool for parents! It is called a Baby Safe Feeder!Picture from the One Step Ahead site. Check out more information here.

It is for children 5+ months. Drop-in bag system. No hinges, no clasps, no rough edges. A safe way to feed your baby! Introduce a variety of nutritional foods without worrying about your baby choking on them.


Sorry it took me so long to post the winner. I was gone all day long and had no access to post. :(

Dum dum dum....

And the WINNER is.....

The Picketts said...
I haven't seen one of these in years! I have just recently found your blog - how fun is this?! I'm addicted! email:

Congrats Jason and Diana! I will email me you to get your mailing address.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Polly Pocket Giveaway!

Up for grabs is this Polly Pocket Ultimate Style - Charms and Fringe Boutique!

Read about it here on

For ages 4+. Give to your child or re-gift during the Holiday Season.
Have a wonderful day!

BlueViolet is the WINNER!

Thank you for entering Elizabeth (love your name btw!). You are now the proud owner of a face lift in a box! I will email you for your mailing address. Thanks!

blueviolet said...
Those pesky fine lines are putting in an appearance and this would be wonderful to fight them off! doot65{at}comcast[dot]netElizabeth

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Neutrogena Visibly Firm Lift Serum Giveaway!

Link this Post

Today's Giveaway is a face lift in a box. :)

Well kinda.

This is the Neutrogena Visibly Firm Lift Serum with Active Copper. "Firm and lift skin's appearance with this beautiful, dual benefit facial treatment." Retails for $17.99.

Link this Post

Miss Anne is the WINNER!

We have a WINNER folks! Thanks for entering everyone!

Anne- Email me your mailing address to

Miss Anne said...
I was JUST thinking about getting a new toothbrush! Perfect timing!:) I love your blogs (all 3 of them!) I perused them yesterday! :)You're a gracious gal to do a giveaway a day... kinda like a random act of kindness a day!:)Miss Anne said...
I was JUST thinking about getting a new toothbrush! Perfect timing!:) I love your blogs (all 3 of them!) I perused them yesterday! :)You're a gracious gal to do a giveaway a day... kinda like a random act of kindness a day!:)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oral B Vitality Giveaway!

Link this Post

Ever look for a great toothbrush? I know...random right? Anyway, today the Giveaway is an Oral B Vitality Dual Clean Toothbrush! I care about your dental health and so should you! Smile.

Remember to pass this blog along to friend and family!
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Congratulations AMANDA!

Amanda said...New to this site; awesome idea you have.

My favorite band has been Bullet for My Valentine for a long while now. And my favorite song is "Say Goodnight".

I will email you the code.

Have a great day!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tunes Giveaway!

Link This Post

Today's Giveaway is a one-month subscription to!

From their site:
Rhapsody Unlimited Features

* Find your favorite song and play it instantly, or listen to whole albums whenever you want
* Discover new artists and old favorites with Rhapsody Channels
* Get artist & album recommendations just for you
* Create the perfect playlist and share it with your friends
* Listen to Rhapsody on your PC or web browser
* Buy high-quality MP3s for your iPod® or other portable player
* Burn CDs with Rhapsody Software

No credit cards are required to obtain this. (just making sure you know)

What is your all time favorite song or artist?

Have fun and don't forget to pass it along to friends!

Link This Post

Letters: We've Got A WINNER

Congratulations Marlene! Email me at so we can discuss your options. Already love your idea of "Faith" as your choice. Nice!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Hi Liz, nice to meet you. I'd love to have the word Faith done primitive. I've just now sort of started decorating that way - a few things here and there. At my age (62) I probably shouldn't be switching styles but I do love the simple things. blessings, marlene

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Today's Giveaway is a set of letters. I will decorate in any theme you want (to the best of my ability). It can be a last name, a first name, a word (Love, Prayer, EAT, whatever). 10 letters or less, please. It will take me a week or so to complete them after you tell me what you would like. Here are some that I have done lately:

Also this Giveaway will end Monday at Noon. Look for something really, really good to start the new week.

Oh and remember to send this to your friends so they have a chance to win too.

I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

Subscription WINNER

And right in the nick of time:

Andrea said...

Great Giveaway!! Love Magazines!

October 12, 2008 11:46 AM

Andrea- Please email me your mailing address and which subscription you wish to have at!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Magazine Subscription Giveaway!

To one lucky winner, I will give a one-year subscription to one of the following magazines of your choice:

  • O At Home
  • Veranda
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Town and Country
  • Country Living
  • Smart Money
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Self
  • Redbook

First magazine in the subscription could take 6-8 weeks. Sorry...not my fault! :)

Don't forget you can enter twice if you link this Giveaway on your blog!! Contest ends Sunday at Noon (CST).

Dick and Jane WINNER picked #4! Congratulations Ali R!

Send me an email at so I can get your info to send you your book!

Ali R said...
the grandkids love me to read to them. This would be great!!Ali R said...
the grandkids love me to read to them. This would be great!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Storybook Treasury of Dick and Jane

Oh how I love this book. Isn't it adorable! << Notice that was NOT a question but a statement. 193 pages of color pictures and words.

From Barnes and Noble

Gift Card WINNER

We've got a WINNER!

kristin said...
Oh, what fun! I love Bath and Body Works! Great idea for a site.
October 9, 2008 2:19 PM

Kristin- Please email at to send me your info!

Next one up in a matter of minutes. Stay tuned.

Okay this one is closed! I will post a new winner and a NEW Giveaway in a few!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bath & Body Works!!

Today's A Giveaway A Day is a $10 gift card to Bath & Body Works!

It will be enough to get you a nice lotion or maybe a couple soaps or a few small lip balms...Whatever you choose, enjoy it....or re-gift it..... :)

Have a great day everyone and pass a link of this blog out in emails and your own blog. The more people who visit, the bigger the Giveaways will be!


Coupon Winner

The winner of the VERY FIRST giveaway is... dum dum dum...Heidi!

Heidi please email me at and send me your address so I can get these in the mail to you!

Thanks for entering everyone!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I am going through my coupons today! Lucky you!! :)

To the winner, you will receive an envelope stuffed full of valuable coupons. Anything from FREE paper towels, Huggies Diapers, cents off groceries, etc. You know the kind...the ones you forget in the car when you go shopping.

What you have to do: Enter by posting a comment and telling me what's the coupon you use the most from the Sunday paper? Is is the deodorant coupon? Cereal? Canned soup? Tell me! I really want to know.

Link this blog and get another entry. Hey, I'm a giver!